1.14.0 April 16, 2019

Here are the release notes for Arundo Enterprise 1.14.0.

New Features


New time and date range controls for time series charts

You can now display a custom range of historical data on time series charts.

Time Range controls

This gives you the ability to visualize a specific window (e.g. 5 minutes) and/or a specific date range of historical data.


In the example below, watch how you can switch from displaying a 30-second window to a 5-minute window of data.

Time Range example


Area Description
Arundo REST API Enhanced the GET Tag Data method to return up to 200,000 rows of data in a single query.
Pipeline Builder Enhanced pipelines so that you now need to deactivate them first, before you can change their inputs or outputs.
Tags Manager Enhanced the keyword search functionality to improve performance.
Tags Manager - Tags list Enhanced the page design so that the Filters panel now displays above the Tags list.
Tags Manager - Tags list Enhanced the column sort feature so that it is more obvious by which column tags are sorted.


Area Description
Pipeline Builder Fixed issue that caused new streaming tags to not be available for selection as pipeline inputs/outputs.
Pipeline Builder Fixed issue that prevented pipelines from outputting data.
Pipeline Builder Fixed issue with models that used string inputs and outputs, causing pipelines not to work.
Pipeline Builder Fixed issue where pipelines didn't handle deleted actions correctly.
Pipeline Builder Fixed issue that caused batch pipelines to stop running.
Tags Manager Fixed the Keyword Search feature to not be case sensitive.
Tags Manager - Tags list Fixed issue with the Display Name sort functionality, where only records displayed on the current page got sorted.
Tags Manager - Tags list Fixed issue that allowed you to delete tags that were streaming data.
Tags Manager - Upload File Fixed issue that caused error messages to remain on the page after they were acknowledged.