1.10.0 November 3, 2018

Here are the release notes for Arundo Enterprise 1.10.0.

New Features

Pipelines Manager

New types of pipeline available

You can now set up two types of pipeline:

Name Characteristics
Streaming * Receives streaming data from Arundo Edge
* Runs continuously to output real-time data
Batch * Receives data from Arundo Fabric warm storage or a comma-separated values (CSV) file
* Runs on-demand or at a preset interval to output data for a defined period

These two pipeline types give you the flexibility to output data for analysis whenever you need.


Refer to the Pipelines Manager article for instructions on how to build pipelines.

User Menu

New option to view documentation

Select the Documentation option to view the Arundo Enterprise help center.

New option to view platform status

Select the System Status option to view the current operational status of Arundo Enterprise.


Area Description
Tags Manager Added a new search feature to make finding tags easier.
Tags Manager Enhanced the page design to improve usability.
Tags Manager You can now add new tags as necessary.


Area Description
Models Manager Fixed issue where the metrics in the Resources panel didn't display correctly when you first accessed the Models Manager.
Pipelines Manager Fixed issue that allowed you to use a tag multiple times as the input or output for a pipeline.
Pipelines Manager Fixed issue with streaming data that prevented users from seeing visualizations of the output from pipelines.
Tags Manager Fixed issue where the active streaming indicator for tags wasn't working correctly.