Getting Around

Here's how to navigate Arundo Fabric.

The Navigation bar displays at the top of every page.

Navigation bar

Select the options to open specific pages:

Option Description
Arundo Return to the Home page
Edge Manage connections to devices that have Arundo Edge installed
Models View and deploy machine learning models
Pipelines Add and manage data pipelines
Tags Add and manage tags used in pipelines and dashboards
User Add and manage Arundo Fabric users
Dashboards Monitor the performance of your industrial assets in real-time

User Menu

The User menu displays as your name in the top right corner of every page.

User menu

Select the menu options to access resources or log out:

Option Description
Profile Update your user profile or change your login password
Documentation Open the Arundo Enterprise help center
Service Status View the current operational status of Arundo Enterprise
Support Contact our Customer Support team
About Learn more about Arundo Analytics
Logout Log out of Arundo Fabric and return to the real world