Arundo Fabric Overview

Arundo Fabric is the cloud environment at the core of the Arundo Enterprise suite. Arundo Fabric collects streaming data from edge devices, connects machine learning models, establishes data pipelines, and displays visualizations of data on dashboards.

Arundo Enterprise

Key Features

Powerful and flexible data ingestion service

Access tools and services enabling you to connect and ingest streaming industrial data from a wide variety of cloud and edge sources.

Enterprise analytics/model management

Operationalize data science by enabling personnel to efficiently deploy analytics as containerized microservices to data sets in the cloud or on the edge, to streaming and to batch data. Manage, monitor, and retrain models on an enterprise level.

Robust security

We understand the criticality and sensitivity of data in today's organizations, and our clients trust our ability to protect and securely process their data. Our solutions leverage state of the art capabilities including data encryption in transit and at rest, guaranteed data localization, a digital chain of custody for data owners as well as operational best practices including recurring third-party assessments and compliance audits.